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Have you ever tried to fly with a pet?

Unfortunately, Airlines must comply with many safety regulations, restrictions and time-waster operations . So Pet Owners are nowadays facing many constraints flying with their pets.


The uncertainty of the current offerings with the lack of certified automations, can always be risky for passengers who want to travel with pets.
Because of this problem, Airlines can’t take advantage of the 68.6% of seats that on average remain empty.

This is where TEP tours comes in...

TEP tours - tour operator for pet lovers

Look at the Figure below here...

You see how many constraints and lower rights PET OWNERS face?

How do we solve the constraints?

TEP tours has been designed to definitely solve all the Constraints faced by PET OWNERS, Travel & Aviation Stakeholders with a Unique and Convenient Solution:

1. User Search & Travel Plan
No more Human Call Centers / Manual Booking & Operations

2. Compliant Booking Automation by Airlines / Destination / Need

3. Higher Ticket & Travel Experience with
OUR e-Customizations

4. Self-Ticketing with immediate Payment Validation & Faster check-in
(NO Queues)
No More Time-Consuming Activities at the Airport

5. New In-Flight Experience

6. Travel & Leisure Options
to Enjoy Your Holidays

But why can TEP Tours has room in the market
to satisfy this fast-growing market niche?

Market opportunity is huge if we consider the current load factor

 The EU Pet ownership grows by 7% yearly with over 90Mio of EU households with 155Mio of cats and dogs.

NEW Pet Owners during PANDEMIC = +13%

In 2021 by Full Service Carriers Airlines which flew with over 67Mio of empty seats, and we may supply demand for most of them.

Sources: CAPA, Allied Market Research, IATA, Eurocontrol (2021-2022)

+15 Mio of households in 2017-2021

A few successful facts about us:

  • TEP already received two Mentoring vouchers and Innovation cheque supported by Innosuisse
  • TEP successfully completed the Assisted Patent & Trademark search by the Swiss Patent Office (IPI)
  • 2 International Corporations joined us to build the 1st EU SURVEY for PET Owners EVER MADE
  • n.2 Airlines already asked for information about TEP tours
  • n.1 Swiss Research Research in partnership for the 1st Spin-off of this category in the World
  • No Competitors show any solution for travellers flying with pets
  • Tests brough us to the 1st Global Solution as PEACE of MIND for Airlines & Travelers flying with PETS
  • A TEAM of Certified Specialists has been assembled to bring this Solution to life

Are you a PET OWNER or a Professional Investor?

BE protagonist of the TEP tours’ revolution in the Aviation Industry

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Remember what TEP tours brings to you?

  • New Travel Experience for Passengers with PETS
  • Fast-growing Market niche year by year (⍨7%)
  • Stronger Profitability & Cash-Flow Generation
  • Business Scalability & Replicability
  • Immutable Booking Automation for PETS
  • 1st PET Lovers Community VS Travel discrimination
  • 1st Global Patentable Solution (Application in preparation)

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TEP tours - tour operator for pet lovers
TEP tours - tour operator for pet lovers


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